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Backup Power 1000, PV Complete

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425.00 LBS
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Product Description


Essentially a small off-grid power system, this complete backup power unit provides a seamless flow of electricity to a critical load circuit panel in the event that grid power is lost. Or use its AC outlet to plug in an extension cord for instant power to necessary appliances.

The energy storage bank of four UPG 200 amp hour, 6-volt batteries can be charged with grid electricity (when available), or by generator or with the included solar panels.

The solar panels that come with the package qualify the whole purchase for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Can be used to protect sensitive electronics, keep servers and communication hubs running, protect critical data and provide backup power during grid failure. Or could provide temporary backup power for refrigerator, communications equipment, cell phone chargers, television, lights, etc—in combinations that live within its total power range.

Features and Components:

  • Fully assembled, wired and tested by authorized Magnum Energy technicians.
  • Provides backup power to critical loads sub-panel or through its built-in 120-volt AC outlet.
  • Charges batteries with grid power, generator power, or included solar panels.
  • Expandable by one more 100-watt panel, for more capacity see Backup Power 2000, PV Complete.
  • BMK battery monitor provides critical battery information.
  • Qualifies for 30% federal tax credit!
  • Actual Dimensions, not including solar panels: 41.5" tall x 34" wide x 15.5" deep.


    • Magnum MMS1012G 1,000-watt inverter.
    • Two 100-watt solar panels.
    • Balance of system components for quick, seamless installation of off-grid solar system.
    • RC-50 display and controller.
    • Custom Four Star Solar battery enclosure with locking door.
    • Four long-lasting, sealed, UPG AGM 200aH 6V batteries.
    • MidNite Solar Surge Suppression Devices.
    • 15 amp charge controller.
    • AC and DC input breakers.
    • Additional breaker space for optional equipment.
    • Required internal cables and connectors.
    • Knockouts for conduit attachments.

Why Four Star Solar?

Four Star Solar has over 20 years of experience designing and building pre-wired power centers. Our superior personal service makes your installation process easy and efficient.


If you need help getting started, call us at (800) 472-1142 or contact us online.