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Battery Backup Products

Emergency Battery Backup Power
Interest in battery backup power is growing by leaps and bounds. Extreme weather puts many coastal areas at risk of losing power for days and weeks at a time. Many businesses can't afford to lose power to run cash registers, refrigeration or medical equipment.

Backup Power for Grid Intertied Solar
Homes in urban areas are susceptible to brown-outs and rolling black-outs. Many gridtie solar users are asking for battery-based solutions to provide backup power and make use of their solar panels even when the grid goes down.


Mobile Battery Backup
One of our most versatile products is the Rolling Thunder, providing a hefty amount of power which can be moved around on sturdy wheels. Perfect for weather-related business- or home-power outages or for providing power to remote festival locations. The possibilities are limitless!

Four Star Solar Battery Backup Products

  • Designed from years of experience with off-grid and battery backup
  • Incorporate only top quality components
  • Save time and cost of wiring
  • Offer re-sell solutions for solar project developers

Why Four Star Solar?

Four Star Solar has over 20 years of experience designing and building pre-wired power centers. Our superior personal service makes your installation process easy and efficient.


If you need help getting started, call us at (800) 472-1142 or contact us online.