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Magnum Energy Inverter Repair

Factory-Authorized Repair Center

Four Star Solar technicians repair all Magnum Energy DC to AC power inverters.  You can ship your inverter, following instructions below.

To avoid possible shipping and diagnostic charges*, plus down-time on your inverter, please do a little troubleshooting before calling us or shipping.


Troubleshooting Your Magnum Energy Inverter

Refer to the Installation section of your inverter manual for safety precautions.  Manuals are easily downloadable from the Magnum Energy site

The steps for troubleshooting are meant to be followed by qualified personnel. If you are qualified to do the troubleshooting yourself, pull out the manual and proceed with caution.  Removal of inverter, from vehicle or power center, should be performed by qualified personnel, such as a licensed or certified electrician. 

WARNING:  Prior to performing the following checks, switch OFF both the AC and DC circuits. Capacitors store energy at a high voltage. Your inverter can be appear to be "dead", but the capacitor inside can still be holding enough energy to hurt you seriously. We recommend that you get a local electrician to disconnect your solar power inverter, rendering it safe to bring or send to us for repairs.


Troubleshooting Step by Step

Step One:

  • Make sure that DC energy is actually reaching the inverter. Check the batteries!!!
  • Inspect the batteries for leaks, cracks, or swelling. Replace if necessary.
  • Use toothbrush and baking soda paste to clean and remove any electrolyte buildups or spills.
  • Check and tighten all battery clamps (if applicable).
  • Clean and tighten all terminals and connecting cables.
  • Check and fill battery water levels of Liquid Lead Acid batteries only.
  • Check individual battery voltages. Load test those that have a voltage difference of more than 0.3 VDC from each other. Replace if necessary.
  • Check all cables for signs of chafing. Replace if necessary.
  • Check inverter’s cooling vents and clean if necessary.

Step Two:

  • Do an inverter RESET (also known as a "hard reset").
  • Remove or disconnect all sources of AC power (utility or generator power) to the inverter.
  • Open all inverter DC disconnects (or disconnect the positive battery cable to the inverter).
  • If the inverter(s) and the remote are disconnected from all DC and AC power, the remote display should be blank.
  • After the inverter(s) has been disconnected from all power for 30 seconds, reconnect the inverter DC disconnects, or reconnect the positive battery cable.
  • Resume operation.

NOTE: If DC disconnects are not used, there may be a momentary spark when the positive battery cable is connected to the inverter terminal. This is normal, indicating that the inverter’s internal capacitors are being charged.

Step Three:

  • If your inverter still does not work satisfactorily, find proof of purchase.
  • You are required to show proof of purchase to determine if your inverter is covered by warranty. Your receipt for purchase can be copied and emailed or sent with the unit.

Step Four:

  • Ship inverter to Four Star Solar, or schedule a time to drop it off.



Call Four Star Solar: (877) 544-7075 to discuss best shipping method and carrier.
We can supply a box if you need.

Call For Help

If you're still having trouble with your Magnum Energy inverter, don't hesitate to call the Inverter Repair Division of Four Star Solar at: 1 (800) 472-1142.

*PLEASE NOTE: Four Star Solar charges $100 per hour for inverter diagnostic and repair (not including any repair parts or shipping charges) with a minimum charge of $100. Repair determined to be under warranty will be billed directly to Magnum.

Why Four Star Solar?

Four Star Solar has over 20 years of experience designing and building pre-wired power centers. Our superior personal service makes your installation process easy and efficient.


If you need help getting started, call us at (800) 472-1142 or contact us online.