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Pre-wired Offgrid Inverter Systems

The Brains of the Battery-Based Power System
Also called off-grid power centers or off-grid power panels, the inverter system is the brain of an off-grid solar or standalone power system. The inverter system converts DC electricity produced by solar panels, wind turbines or gas generator to useable 120 or 240 AC power and directs it into home, business or workshop.

Pre-Wired and Tested, Ready to Ship
Four Star Solar Inverter systems include inverter(s), charge controller(s) and safety components responsible for safely running the stand-alone power system.


All components are mounted onto handsome metal mounting enclosures and wired to manufacturers’ specifications.


  • Saves time and eliminates risk of improper wiring of the most costly pieces of the off-grid or battery-based system.
  • Available in many configurations. Choose which controllers, inverters and options.
  • Incorporates only top quality components.
  • Reduces complexities of battery-based power installations.

Why Four Star Solar?

Four Star Solar has over 20 years of experience designing and building pre-wired power centers. Our superior personal service makes your installation process easy and efficient.


If you need help getting started, call us at (800) 472-1142 or contact us online.